Wednesday, February 3, 2010





(very famous, most of us know this by heart)

“…Then after, I order you and all troops that are along with you to be obedient to Allah (SWT) in all circumstances, as this is better than the weapons against the enemy and a strong stratagem (device) in the war.

I order you and the soldiers who are with you to be more cautious and afraid of your own crimes and sins than your enemy, as the crimes and sins of the soldiers are more dangerous to them than the enemy.

The Muslims are victorious only because their enemies are disobedient to Allah (SWT),

and had it not been so, we have no power over them,

because neither our number is equal to their number, nor are our weapons like theirs.

If we commit crimes and sins as they do, then they (our enemies) will have superiority over us in power and we will not gain victory over them.


And you should also know that in this marching of yours, there are guards upon you from Allah (SWT) and they all know what you do.

So be shy from them and do not commit Allah (SWT)’s disobedience while you are going in Allah (SWT)’s Cause and do not say: ‘ Our enemy is worse than us, so they will not overpower us.’ Perhaps some people who are worse than the others may overpower the others as the (disbelievers)

Magians overpowered the Children of Israel when they (the latter) involved themselves with Allah (SWT)’s disobedience.

So they (disbelievers) entered the very innermost parts of their homes and it was a promise fulfilled.

And ask Allah (SWT) the assistance over your own selves,

just as you ask Allah (SWT) for the victory over your enemies.

I ask Allah (SWT) for that, both for you and for us.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bai'ah PAS is not sanctioned by neither the Book nor the Sunnah.

To all PAS members and non-members alike, please read this.
(especially to the wives of PAS men, it is your job to stop others from exploiting your family.)
*use online dictionary if you find it hard to understand this article. It is really important


'Ahd or Bai'ah in Light of Qur'an and Sunnah'
In order to make Muslims aware of the seriousness of the Sufi bai'ah, it must be defined linguistically and judicially. Linguistically it signifies bartering or exchanging commodities. It also signifies making a covenant, a compact, an agreement or the like, as though each of the two parties sold what he had to the other, and gave his own special property and his obedience, and that pertains to the case. And judicially it signifies making pledge to the Khalifah, or the Muslim ruler to promise or swear allegiance to him, making a covenant to him to submit to him the judgment of his own case and the cases of Muslims in general, not to dispute with him, but to obey him in whatever command he might impose upon him, pleasing or displeasing. In doing so, it was usual for the person making this covenant to place his hand in the hand of the Khalifah, or the ruler of the Muslims, in confirmation of the covenant, as is done by the seller and the buyer; hence the act is termed bai'ah (or bargain).

The Prophet said,
"If two califs were given the covenant of allegiance, then kill the second of them."

The great Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal was asked about the above hadeeth.
He said: "Do you know who is the Imam? It is the one upon whom all the Muslims agree; of whom every one of the Muslims says, 'This is the Imam.'"

Imam al-Qurtubi said,
"As for appointing two imams or three at one time, in one country, it is a practice which is unanimously held as impermissible." (*just like Pakatan Rakyat, sorry)

Based on the above, every bai'ah which is made to other than the Khalifah of the Muslims or the Muslim ruler who is invested with authority to declare wars or ratify peace treaties and execute religious castigations, or hudood is null and void.

In his book Al-Bai'ah, Ali Hassan Abdul-Hameed refutes the proofs presented by Sufis and certain Islamic parties who hold bai'ah as a central religious rite.
They claim, "There is no text which prohibits the rite of bai'ah." The author refutes this saying:

• "All of the statements of the preceding scholars pertaining to bai'ah refer to the bai'ah as an exclusive right which belonged to the Khalifah or the ruler of the Muslims. No one of them made reference to an exceptional bai'ah.
• If we approve, for the sake of discussion, of the innovated type of bai'ah (Sufi or otherwise) then we pose to them the questions, Is it (the bai'ah) restricted to one particular group of people, or are all the Muslims entitled to it?
• If their answer to the first question is 'yes' then by approving such bai'ah, they initiated an act of worship which is sanctioned by neither the Book nor the Sunnah, because Allah never distinguished one particular group of Muslims from the other with any act of worship. And if their answer to the second question is positive too, they accordingly approve the disunity of the ummah, and deem lawful dividing it into orders, sects and parties, and give the excuse to every group to follow its desires and devise its own bai'ah.
• And if they claim that this exceptional type of bai'ah is legal, then is it possible that the pious predecessors whom Allah praised in His Book were unaware of such an act of worship?"

Abu Na'eem al Asbahani reported in his book Hilyatul Awliyaa that Mutarrif al-Shikh-khir said,
"Once I visited Zaid b. Soohan while he was with a goup of people circulating a sheet of paper on which were written statements such as, 'Allah is our Lord, Muhammad is our Prophet, al-Qur'an is our imam. He who is with us we are with him, and he who is against us we are against him etc.' The paper was shown to every man present, every one of whom was then asked, 'Do you acknowledge this covenant? When the paper reached me, I was asked, 'Do you acknowledge it, young man?' 'No!' I said. Thereupon, the head of the group interjected saying to his men, 'Do not take a hasty action against the youth. Then he turned to me and enquired, 'What do you say, young man?' I said, 'Allah has already taken a covenant from me in His Book, after which I shall never give a covenant to anyone.' Thereupon, every single man relinquished his previous acknowledgment of the covenant. I asked Mutarrif, 'How many of you were there?' He said, 'We were about 30 men.'"

Now compare those truthful and sincere predecessors, who rejected any act of worship, regardless how good it sounded, once they realized it was not practiced by the Prophet or his companions, may Allah be pleased with them all, with the Sufi shaikhs and party leaders of today, who not only make imperative that their followers give bai'ah to them, but also consider bai'ah as an indispensable religious rite.

Ok now it is this country the shaikhs of PAS are exploiting Islam.
Innovating their own bai'ah?
making rules as they go?
putting our family institutions at stake?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Title: UMNO is a bunch of geeks

Any of you remember the geek from school days? The one you can count on every time you were absent or late for assignments, the straight A student who is a proud winner of some chess championship that nobody ever took notice of. Don't forget he is also a prefect, holds ranks in clubs and always working on some important project.
Oh the geek…
Remember how you never want to be around them, yet somehow you secretly need them. Mostly because they willingly took care of the stuff you didn't wanna care about. They tie your loose ends, they enslave themselves for your demands and the best part is, you can always rely on them.
Now do you remember the bullies?
These guys get super-excited usually by breaking someone or something. They would gang up, always plotting and plotting. It is strange though, they like to make fun of your geek mostly for personal satisfaction. And you, depending on the situation, either pretend not to hear it happen or you'd secretly get pissed. Nobody stands up for the geek, so you don't fight back.
Unless if it gets too much.
Every time bullies take too much control, the geeks can't focus to do their stuff right. Then things become a mess. We need the geeks, we need to have things in order. We need to be comfortable and safe so that we can go about doing our nonsense. We need the geeks, they are always there for us neverfailingly.
Years have pass, today I turned on the tv. The 8 o'clock news is on. I see a bunch of geeks at a rather big meeting. I turned the volume up and picks up 'perhimpunan agong UMNO hari ini bla bla.' Then one geek says something about helping members help members, another calls everyone to be a member. They all share a familiar look, a facial expression that says they really like you and desperately want to be near you.
Ah…geeks. Just like the old days.
Point is: At this moment of adulthood, UMNO is my geek. I suppose yours too whether you like it or not. About the bullies, oh they never stop do they?
So go ahead geeks, do what you do best; taking care of us. All trust to you UMNO, and thank you for being our geek...muah!
P/s: Its not like we dont like UMNO or anything, we just like our nonsense better.